Upcoming Changes: Terrarium Plants

Some of the most common questions I get asked are 'how to make a terrarium' or 'which plants work in a terrarium'.

I think this is a topic with loads of misinformation but its actually pretty easy. The key is to match the plants with the amount of watering you expect. Remember, a terrarium is a mini environment so by simply understanding the habitat your plant occupies, you should be able to grow it with ease.

Terrarium habitats can be broadly classified into 3: Desert, Tropical and Woodland.

Desert: The best terrarium plants here are cacti and succulents. The cactus doesn't require much water and in a terrarium will need even less. An open terrarium such as a bowl or vase, as opposed to a jar or demijohn, is well suited to a desert environment. Pairing the plants with sand or fine gravel gives a great desert look.

Tropical: This is a little more niche. Ferns work well in both a tropical and woodland environment but with tropical we are aiming for high warmth and humidity. Carnivorous plants grow really well in this setting, but can be tricky to grow. Some succulents will also work, as well as helixines.

Woodland: Moss and ferns are key here. A woodland terrarium would need high humidity and more frequent watering, as well as some shade rather than full sun.

In upcoming posts, I'll go through some more specific terrarium plant varieties, as well as styling options and different terrarium kits available.

Keep an eye on https://www.geodesium.co.uk/pages/how-to-make-a-terrarium for more information.