Mix and Match Terrarium Kit
Cushion Moss
Sphagnum Moss
Silver Moss
How to make a terrarium

Mix and Match Terrarium Kit


DIY Terrarium Kit: Moss, Gravel, Choose what you love!

If you are looking to make a terrarium for yourself, then look no further. The mix and match kit contains all the options you need to create a stunning, thriving terrarium. 

In this terrarium kit:

  • Your choice of moss 
  • Your choice of natural stone gravel
  • High quality potting soil
  • Horticultural grade activated charcoal
  • Handy instructions

Simply select your moss and gravel based on what you think looks best. The kit is shipped via Royal Mail and will be with you within 5 days. Then, follow the instructions to pot up your terrarium!

Please note - glassware and plants are not included with this kit.