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Adam Shafi

The Creator

Hi, I'm Adam Shafi, a plant enthusiast and Etsy shop owner living in London.
I have always had a passion for more exciting plants, growing cacti, bonsai trees and carnivorous plants throughout my teenage years. All of these have the potential to be grown in terrariums, and as these became more widespread and popular I looked in to building one to house some of my own plants.
I learnt how to do stained glass using the Tiffany Glass technique, which is used to make Tiffany Lamps. Once my skills improved I began building the different terrariums you can see in my shop today. Investment in professional equipment has helped to ensure everything I sell is of the highest quality.
Another aspect of this has been learning which exciting plants grow in terrariums, and what gardening supplies are needed for a great terrarium kit - in terms of aesthetics and longevity. This has allowed be to come up with my winning formula for terrarium kits. High quality soil, gravel, activated charcoal and moss.

Built in London

The terrariums are built entirely by hand. Class is cut into individual shapes which make up the final 3D shape. The edges of these shapes are coated with copper foil, which allows solder to stick. The edges are then carefully soldered together to assemble the final shape. 
The process requires care and attention at every stage, but the final product is very different from those that can be found on the high street. The solder gives an industrial but rustic feel, which looks elegant and sturdy. Too many contradictory adjectives? Take a look at the pictures and see what you think!

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