Terrarium Kits


About Terrarium Kits

So you’ve got a container but you don’t know what to put in it? You want to do some indoor gardening but you don’t know where to start? All you need is a few plants and a kit from Geodesium.

The popularity of terrariums has exploded in recent years. You can now find geometric terrariums in many high street chains, as well as different glass bowls and vases. However, getting nice gravel and good soil can be very difficult without buying a massive bag from a garden centre. Finding different mosses and activated charcoal is also a nightmare too.

With a kit from Geodesium, these key elements are supplied in one easy package. You’ll receive a good quality potting soil, natural stone of your choice, horticultural grade activated charcoal and live moss of your choice.

Putting together your own

Once you’ve got your container and your kit, putting the terrarium together is fun for all the family! You’ll want to start with a small handful of gravel as a drainage layer, this helps to prevent overwatering. You can then add the soil, followed by carefully adding your plants. You can fill the remaining space with gravel, moss, rocks and other ornaments to style your terrarium as you wish.

White gravel & Sphagnum Moss: This is Geodesium’s best-selling kit. The crisp white gravel pretty much suits any plant, and the sphagnum moss is most commonly used for terrariums but is also a very common potting medium.

Slate & Silver Moss: The dark slate is offset by the silver moss. This looks great with lighter plants and succulents.

Beach Pebbles & Cushion Moss: This has more of a forest/river feel. The rounded, brown beach pebbles look great with clumps of cushion moss, which look like little grass mounds.

Scandi: Again, this uses dark basalt and light reindeer moss to give a more Scandinavian look. Iceland is made up of basalt and the moss is natively from this region. Paired with a silver plant this looks fantastic.

You can also mix and match any of these as you wish!

Things to consider

Its important to consider the drainage requirements of your plant. In humid terrariums, some cacti and succulents can be prone to root rot. You can avoid this by mixing perlite with your soil to increase drainage. You should also water carefully to begin with.

Geodesium’s kits use quality items, with natural stone, high quality soil, horticultural activated charcoal and live moss, all sourced from fantastic UK based retailers.

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