About Terrariums

A terrarium is essentially a very small greenhouse. The small size allows the creation of a portable mini environment. They can be anything – a glass jar, a lightbulb, a bowl or something more complex.

The popularity of these has exploded in recent years, with different versions available on the high street and online, and people across the world repurposing old unused containers into beautiful mini gardens.

Anyone can do it and purchasing a terrarium or kit from Geodesium is a great way to start your very own indoor garden.

Putting together your own

To start, you simply need a container, a growing medium and some plants. In order to have a long lasting terrarium, these items will have to be in harmony with each other.

You’ll mainly want to select a container based on aesthetics. What looks good depends on your tastes and décor. It could be a simple bowl, or perhaps a more complicated cuboctahedron. If you are looking at making a purchase from Geodesium, we offer 3 colours; silver, copper and black. Silver gives a light, clean finish, while black looks more industrial. The copper is mottled and shiny, which has a more rustic look.

Each terrarium is made by hand, meaning each one is unique. Individual shapes are cut out of 2 mm glass. The edges are then coated with copper foil and the piece is soldered together, each seam individually. The colour is applied at the end and the whole thing is waxed and cleaned to give a shiny finish.

Things to consider

Consider the ventilation each terrarium will allow, terrariums create a more humid, almost tropical environment which can be great for some plants, but lead others susceptible to overwatering. Adjust watering accordingly!

Do you want a hanging or regular terrarium? A hanging ring can be added to any terrariums but some do come with these as standard. With a hanging terrarium you can be more creative with your plants, allowing them to cascade downwards.

Why buy from Geodesium? Our terrariums are made with care and attention to the highest quality. They look more elegant than cheaper high street variants due to the use of stained glass techniques.

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